Miss Sangosanya Tolulope was born on the 18th of December, 1982, to the first born of Mrs. T.B Akinola and Mr. B.A Sangosanya, both of whom are indigenes of Ijebu-ode, Ogun state, Nigeria.
She obtained primary school certificate in Bodija international school[BIS] Ibadan after changing schools six [6] times from moving from family to family due to the unique nature of her family. She attended Lagos State model college, Igbonla, Epe for her secondary school. She proceeded to Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State formerly known as Ogun State University [OSU], where she obtained a degree in Mass Communication. It was while in school that Miss Tolulope started LOTS charity foundation then known as project LOTS. After graduation, Miss Tolulope unlike her contemporaries decided not to seek for employment anywhere else than from her own vision.

Since 2006, she had single handedly, through grace of God moved the dream and vision from being a dream into a reality. While her peers entered into employment to enrich themselves, Miss Tolulope understood what success meant to her, she realized what it meant to live and not just exist. Her definition of success is not the amount of money possessed in her bank account but the amount of lives she influences positively. To her success is not measured by tangible things, but the intangible such as love, alms giving, positive change, care, giving attention to others and more. Life to her isn’t in receiving but in giving. Life holds no truth in her view except one that helps others achieve what they thought was impossible.

Unknown to many, Miss Tolulope who looks vibrant and speaks intelligently wasn’t born that way. She was timid, lacked courage and was very dull academically. She was not so intelligent. This made her to repeat a class in primary school. Her education was so poor that a lot of her peers, friend, family and teachers did not recognize that she lacked the skills of reading and writing. It took her eighty years old grandfather to correct the default in her academics and thus gave her hope to what seemed impossible to her. She graduated from not being able to pronounce three letter words like T-H-E to reading James leys Chase novels in just two years. There she learnt the power in attention.

Now over a decade has passed and she can smile when she sees a fourteen year old child in junior secondary school 1[J.s.s.1] who cannot spell or pronounce six letter word like R-E-A-S-O-N because she reasoned that if GOD could give her hope in her seemingly hopeless situation through an eighty year old grandfather, the same God still lives and He never changes, He only can do for all kids who are like Miss Tolulope in primary school. God turned Miss Tolulope‘s misery into a ministry.

Miss Tolu is a strong believer in God and His purpose. She believes that it is her destiny to give hope to all ‘hopeless’ children she comes in contact with because God did the same to and for her. LOTS charity foundation was registered with the corporate affairs commission [C.A.C] in 2009 after being in operation for four years. After registration, LOTS charity foundation has been able to cater to the hungry stomach of thousands of street kids and vulnerable children, feed the intellect of over a hundred children in ‘DUSTBIN ESATE’, relocated a family from ‘dustbin’ to ‘sanity’.

When Miss Tolu got this vision, she wasn’t in search of award and recognition but in desperate hunger to give back to others what was given to her by God: hope, love, education and life in its fullness. However, in the month of February 2010, Miss Sangosanya Tolulope and her initiative won the future awards in the category for the best use of advocacy because of her work in DUSTBIN ESTATE.

Although the charity organization still lack proper organizational structure, nothing can rob the organization of its impact in changing the lives of thousands of children.