You can help financially through the following means:

A] Adopt a family for relocation- You can pay for a family’s house rent which ranges from 108,000naira – 200,000naira for two years rent plus agency and legal agreement fees. This will help the children grow in more sanitary clean environment thus reducing their exposure to health hazards.

B] Adopt a child for qualitative education- With as little as 25,000naira, one can ensure that a child from dustbin estate gets at least a qualitative education compared to what is offered in the public schools. The child’s school may have to be changed from public school to private owned school depending on the child’s academic performance.
C] Support the literacy class and after school supplementary classes- You can help by donating cash which will be used in running the after school lessons for those already in school, literacy classes for those who are not yet in school or those who are not yet getting qualitative education due to the school they attend. This is a supplementary class; aimed at providing additional knowledge to support what is being taught at the four walls of buildings referred to as schools, which is considered inadequate. The funding for this purpose will be used to pay salaries of the full time teachers. It will also be used to get more books that can broaden the minds of the kids. The fund will also be used to pay rent for the premises used for the classes.

D] Support the health outreach- You can partner with us if you are a medical practitioner. Otherwise, you can donate your cash that will be used to buy food supplements drugs and other medical supplies. It will also be used to pay volunteers stipends and for welfare of the medical team for their time and support.

E] Project LOTS- This is a programme organized for the purpose of giving these kids the freedom to be kids; inquisitive, playful, yet learning. The purpose is to give the kids the opportunity to see the possibility of a better and brighter future that could be theirs if only they work hard and take the right route to success. You can donate cash to support the vision and various events we have for them e.g.

i] LOTS GIVE BACK- This is an avenue for the kids from dustbin estate to give back to the society and other less privileged people. It is set to teach the kids the need to give back to others in need; it helps to defeat the spirit of greed and selfishness that has so badly eaten deep into our system in Nigeria. It will help foster the mind-set of ‘live and let others live’, a world where people genuinely cared and showed that they cared about the welfare of others and not theirs alone. The cash given to this cause will be used to buy items that have been identified by our target benefactors in orphanages and other kids living on the street plus other vulnerable children.

Ii] Val’s day event- It is an avenue for people to show love to others who may not be able to reciprocate. Giving to this cause would be used to show love to the ‘unlovable’, telling them ‘I love you too not just my lover or my immediate family’.

Iii] Children’s day celebration- The children are celebrated all over the world and our children from dustbin estate should not be exempted because of their unfortunate background. This day allows the kids to be kids, having fun and enjoying life.

Iv] Independent’s day celebration- October 1st marks the independence day of Nigeria from colonial rule. The kids from dustbin estate can have a sense of belonging in the nation if they are remembered and are part of the celebration, thus reminding them that they are the future leaders of the nation Nigeria. The various events have educational implications as they are geared towards educating the kids about the history of Nigeria with emphasis on slavery, independence and self- rule. Donate cash and ideas to make this programme a reality.

V] End of year party- This event is aimed at celebrating life. It affords the kids an opportunity to count their blessing as they do the review of their yesterday, while having fun at the same time. It is an event in which qualitative fun is ensured. We visit various attraction centres such as Santa Claus, go sightseeing and or have social gathering with other kids from other kids from other various locations. Give money, ideas and other materials to this cause.

VI] Give to administrative work of the organization- Fund given for this purpose, will be used to run LOTS charity foundation as an organization. It will be used to pay salaries, petty cash, office rent, public relations materials and placement, documentation and other book keeping materials, miscellaneous e.t.c