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LOTS charity foundation is a registered charity organization that caters to the physiological [feeding, clothing and shelter], social, educational, psychological, medical, and emotional needs of street kids and vulnerable children. Our area of focus now in Ajeromi-ifelodun local government in a community called ‘DUSTBIN ESTATE’ in Ajegunle, Lagos state. As it ‘s name connotes, Dustbin estate is an area of refuse; a settlement in which its inhabitants build their house with planks on refuse dumps.about-us

Over one hundred [100] kids living in dustbin estate have been exposed to our literacy after school hours support programme. Over a thousand [1000] kids have been fed at one point in time or the other during our celebration of life parties or our soup kitchen. More than a hundred and fifty [150] kids were attended to by our volunteer doctor and pharmacist through our health outreach programme.

In a bid to expand the horizon of the kids in Dustbin Estate, more than one hundred [100] kids living in the estate have been exposed socially to other kids and were made to interact with others through our end of the year event and other celebrations. These strategies has created a sense of belonging among the kids, as the yearly event is a practical demonstration of love, thus fueling their emotional tank and encourages them aspire for greatness through what they see that others have done. All these are in view to make them 7star performer later in life so much so that they can be equipped to contribute their quota positively to the development of others in Nigeria and the world at large.

We seek assistance in various areas, from all sources and manner of talent, skill or idea that would be useful for the development of these kids and the success of the organization.

LOTS charity foundation is a youth pioneered organization that was envisioned and started by an undergraduate on the floor of her hostel room while studying for her fourth year examination. While she worried and was fearful about the outcome of her exams, her mind kept going back to the face of that girl who had no spark who was leading her blind father to beg that she saw on the Mobolaji bank, Anthony way, Ikeja area of Lagos state.organizer

The sight left imprints in her mind and stirred thoughts of how she could give hope to the hopeless. She started to think, deliberate and plan with friends how to put life in the eyes of others in the girl’s class. After much thought, it was concluded that the best way to do this; adding life, was through education done out of love, care and giving of attention to the unloved, abandoned, vulnerable, street kids in our country. But as one could not preach education to a hungry stomach, the physiological needs [feeding, clothing and shelter] of these kids had to be attended to alongside education. With the peculiarity of ‘dustbin estate’, health care had to be added to the list of programmes because they are exposed to a filthy environment, and are prone to germs and diseases.

LOTS charity foundation is mostly sponsored by private individuals, few churches, corporate organizations, international donations [USAID], other NGO, and currently, our new social enterprise company. We invite you to be a friend of the house, only together can we make a change and put ‘a spark’ in the eyes of many ‘sparkless’ children in the streets and near you. Open your eyes wide and see! You will see that in your hands lies a treasure that can change not just one life but generations unborn. BE A PARTNER TODAY!

Meet Our Team

To Develop a seven star performance in leadership, We provide them with the best literacy and personal development class.

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